What’s the best way to rehabilitate your skin? To reverse the effects of aging, once again looking and feeling like the best version of yourself? For years, cosmetic companies have sent competing messages about the products and procedures that offer the best results. A line called SkinCeuticals is different; SkinCeuticals was actually developed by a team of skin cancer researchers, who know better than anyone what it means to have healthy skin. For a science-based approach to physical beauty, there’s no substitute for SkinCeuticals’ advanced skin care products. We’re pleased to offer them here at LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC.

Our Approach to Advanced Skin Care

It’s all very much in keeping with our general approach to wellness medicine: We take a whole-body approach, and always want to do what’s best for the holistic wellbeing of our patients. We like SkinCeuticals because it’s not just about cosmetic effects. It’s actually about replenishing, nourishing, and preserving your skin. In other words, these products and treatments don’t merely help you look better. They actually give you healthier skin.

About SkinCeuticals’ Advanced Skin Care Products

SkinCeuticals products are championed by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and medi-spa owners across the country, and for good reason. These products help to enhance the skin and to protect it against future damage.

SkinCeuticals encompasses a wide range of products and in-office treatments, including:

  • Sunscreen
  • Antioxidants
  • Moisturizers
  • Anti-aging creams
  • Facial cleansers and masks
  • Chemical peels
  • Medical facials
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Microneedling
  • And more

As for which of these treatments is best for you, there’s not a cookbook or a blueprint to follow. It all depends on the current health of your skin, and on what you’re trying to accomplish. We’d love to sit down with you, learn more about your goals, and tell you more about how advanced skin care products can help you look and feel young again.

Learn More About SkinCeuticals

We hear from many patients who just want to know what they can do to repair the damage that’s been done to their skin; to undo the effects of aging and to look and feel young and confident. SkinCeuticals may provide the answers you’ve been looking for. There’s no better line of skincare treatments that are backed by science and supported by vast amounts of clinical research. We’d love to tell you more, or to answer any questions you may have about these advanced skin care products. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC.