Age is an inevitable part of life. That doesn’t make its side effects any easier to endure. As our bodies grow older, it’s common for us to experience a wide range of health complications, many of them related to decreased hormone production. Men and women alike may experience lowered energy levels, diminished sexual vitality, a depressed mood, and beyond. Often, individuals who struggle with these conditions don’t realize that they stem from lowered hormone levels, nor that the condition can be reversed.

LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC is a practice devoted to wellness medicine, and specifically treatments involving natural hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Simply put, these treatments help mediate some of the conditions brought on by age and allow our clients to retain their robust health and vigor. Ours is a proactive and preventative approach: We’re here to help patients take care of their bodies, keeping unwanted effects from happening in the first place.

Our History

LongevityMed is the new name for Physician's Age Management Centers, PLLC, the longest tenured age management practice in the Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill area, having served many hundreds of patients throughout the years. PAMC was founded by Dr. Lewis H Stocks. Dr. Stocks inspired many with his brilliant insights and desire to help others live longer, more vital lives. He forged new medical frontiers and embraced the spirit of medical excellence. Dr. Stocks practiced over 30 years in the Raleigh area at Raleigh Community, Rex and Wake Medical.

In 2000, he developed severe spinal stenosis and a detached retina. Finding his own hormone levels low, he was prescribed hormone therapy by an innovative interventional endocrinologist. He was completely asymptomatic within 90 days. In 2010, he founded Stocks Institute to better manage andropause and menopause. In 2013, Dr. Stocks founded Physician's Age Management Centers in order to establish a practice that could not only continue after his passing but to grow and serve as many people as possible. Dr. Stocks passed in May of 2014 after hand picking his medical director successor and establishing the system to carry on. For the years since Dr. Stocks passing the name and commitment to the initial practice ideal that Dr. Stocks brought to bear has been advanced by our now Medical Director, Singar Jagadeesan, MD and our President and CEO, Dani Conway.

With the practice growth in time has also come the advancement in the expanded medical goals and treatments in the practice. Our future is designed to be a wellness medical practice, focused on the need to address aging medicine as a means of avoiding illness, not treating illness. With that focus in mind, we have developed new and exciting treatment services that allow for life’s aging transitions to not limit the quality of life, but to expand that quality, thus making our goal of providing Longevity Medicine to all who seek a higher quality of life and health standards.

From these expanded treatments and commitment to wellness, comes our new name, LongevityMed.

Our goal is to continue provide the highest quality of care, service and outcomes to all patients. We are excited to continue to be the trendsetter in advancing wellness medicine and offering our patients the opportunity to enhance their lives!

Our Approach

There are a number of things that set LongevityMed apart, starting with our commitment to whole-person health. When we meet with a patient, we don’t just want to put a Band-Aid on their problem. We want to get the full picture and provide a solution that will lead to full physical, sexual, and emotional flourishing.

To that end, most of what we do begins with lab work. We want to see what’s happening on the inside, even on a cellular level, and also to monitor hormone levels. This allows us to get a better sense of how we can individualize our treatments to the patient. Nothing that we do comes from a blueprint or a cookbook; it’s all unique, all tailored to the man or woman in question.

Something else that sets us apart is our wide spectrum of knowledge. We have treated thousands of patients in the Raleigh, NC area, and know how to apply wellness medicine principles in a way that gets real results.

Patients trust LongevityMed because they know we’re committed to preventative care. We don’t like the “fix it” approach and would much rather help our patients take the steps they need to avoid the ill effects of age and hormone deficiency in the first place.

LongevityMed is committed to helping our patients look and feel their best, and we hope you’ll come in for a free consultation to learn more about what that means.

Learn More About LongevityMed

Are you eager to learn more about our practice, or about the positive effects that wellness medicine can have on your life? Or are you curious to know if your condition can be addressed through HRT or a similar therapy? We invite you to contact our practice in Raleigh, NC. LongevityMed is one of the most trusted wellness medicine providers in the area, having treated thousands of patients and built a reputation for clinical excellence. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our team, where you can take the first step toward a life of full health and vitality.