Hormones and Aging Skin
04 / 15 / 22

Hormones and Aging Skin

There are many hormonal changes that your body may experience as you age. One of the more common changes that you may notice throughout your life will be the effects that hormone changes have on your skin.

From the time that you are young, into the teenage years, you may experience acne. There is treatment, but they do not prevent the inevitable. Many people believe that they will simply, “outgrow”, this issue; however, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone will control the human body for the entire span of one’s life.

As you continue to age, acne, lines, and wrinkles may become more prominent as your body may begin to decrease in how much of one or all of these hormones that it generates. To better understand the effects that hormones have on skin, we must first understand the cause and hormones involved. With proper treatment, your hormones can reach the optimal levels to result in the total confidence that you once had in your skin's appearance.

Let’s take a closer look.