Since 1992, LongevityMed has been Raleigh, NC’s trusted resource for medically managed weight loss. One thing that has always set us apart is our commitment to knowledge. By taking a data-backed approach, we are able to provide our patients with weight loss solutions that offer effective, highly targeted results, helping them to achieve their desired outcomes. One way in which we gather this data is through a process called In Body Testing, which gives us a clearer sense of the body composition of each man and woman we work with. In Body measures are a crucial component in our approach to individualized weight loss.

About In Body Measures

What can our patients expect from In Body measures? Here is a quick outline.

  • In Body measurements are performed completely painlessly and non-invasively. And, they can be taken quickly, often in under 60 seconds.
  • In Body measures provide us with a clear sense of body composition. Through these tests, we can ascertain exactly how much muscle, fat, and water is contained in each body part.
  • The In Body program provides us with a detailed read-out, which can then be used to provide a more targeted and knowledge-based approach to individualized weight loss.
  • In Body measures are also important for allowing us to track changes over time and to show our patients real, statistical proof of the progress they are making.
  • As we work with you toward achieving your weight loss goals, In Body lets us focus our efforts on “problem” areas, and body parts that are in most need of attention.

Weight Loss at LongevityMed

In Body testing is an important first step in the weight loss process, because it gives us a baseline as well as a road map. Once we’ve completed some basic testing, we’ll be able to develop a weight loss strategy that is customized to your body weight index and to your specific weight loss goals.

Often, this will mean developing nutritional plans that highlight the exact caloric intakes and nutrient levels needed to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss. We might also use In Body measures to assist our patients in using fasting mimicking diets and other approaches, to maximum results.

Getting Started with In Body Measures

Many of the men and women who come to LongevityMed are eager to lose weight and get into better shape; and many are frustrated by past attempts at weight loss that haven’t provided the desired results. We hear from many patients who have made good faith efforts to eat right and exercise, but still found that they weren’t losing any weight. Often, this is because they have deeper issues, including hormonal imbalances, that have thrown off their metabolic functions.

At LongevityMed, we provide solutions to these problems, backed in medical science and decades of clinical practice. The first step toward these solutions is visiting us for a free consultation, where we can take measurements, talk with you about your goals, and answer any questions you might have about medically managed weight loss.

Learn More About In Body Measures

In Body testing can provide a road map to weight loss, providing a clear sense of where targeted efforts will have the greatest effect. This testing is painless, non-invasive, and fast, and we are proud to offer it at LongevityMed. The best way to get started is simply to contact us to schedule a consultation. We’d love to sit down with you in a relaxed and confidential setting. We’ll tell you more about In Body measures and other weight loss treatments that are right for you. To schedule a free consultation, contact our Raleigh, NC office today.