The desire for rapid weight loss is far from uncommon. Many men and women long for ways to burn fat and to improve their physique, and they would rather see those results sooner than later. At the same time, many are rightly trepidatious about losing weight too quickly, not wanting to risk any bodily harm. We understand these concerns, which is why we offer rapid weight loss plans that are backed by clinical data and proven to be safe and healthy. We help our patients take a targeted look at weight loss, and we develop ways to slim down in a way that’s both fast and safe. We invite you to contact LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC to find out more.

About Rapid Weight Loss

Our weight loss program involves a few simple steps:

  • We begin with a consultation. This gives you a chance to sit down with one of our doctors, discuss your medical history, and share your weight loss goals and expectations. Everything we do is customized to the individual, and one of our providers will share weight loss plans that address your body and your personal history.
  • As part of the consultation process, we will also recommend In Body Testing. This is a non-invasive way for us to determine the amount of fat, muscle, and water stored in each body part. The data generated from this testing helps us to offer a truly targeted, individualized approach to rapid weight loss.
  • On your first visit, the provider will share both weight loss plans and supplements you need to achieve the desired results. This may include fasting mimicking diets, which provide plant-based meals that trick your body into releasing stored fats and ramping up your metabolism.
  • Additionally, we may provide hormonal supplements that help stimulate robust metabolic functioning. On your second visit, we’ll perform hormone injections as needed, show you how to self-administer shots, and supervise your first injection.
  • We’ll also recommend weekly follow-up visits, which help us to ensure you’re achieving results but also that you’re safe and healthy. Additionally, we can tweak your rapid weight loss plan as needed and offer refills on injections and supplements.

Additional Options for Rapid Weight Loss

LongevityMed can also provide our patients with genetic testing, which can help us to get a better sense of how your body is “programmed” to handle food. This allows us to provide the support needed not just for rapid weight loss, but also for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

For some patients, we may also recommend MIC injections. These “fat burners” help release stored fat but also teach your body to use fat more productively in the future. Again, the goal is for weight loss that’s quick but also sustainable over the long haul.

Weight Loss Plans at LongevityMed

Since 1992, LongevityMed has been the Raleigh area’s top provider for wellness medicine. This has allowed us to cultivate a whole-body approach, one where we emphasize both the physical wellbeing and the emotional vitality of our patients. And, we have the knowledge base required to provide holistic solutions customized to each patient’s needs, whether that comes in the form of hormone replacement therapy, nutritional supplements, or a rapid weight loss plan.

Discover Weight Loss Plans Made Just for You

Looking for a way to lose weight that’s not only fast but also clinically sound? We’re pleased to provide rapid weight loss plans here at LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC. These plans combine data-driven body analysis with fasting mimicking diets, hormonal supplements, and more. Through these carefully targeted means, we can help your body to release stored fat, all while it learns to make more effective use of fat in the future. Ready to learn more about weight loss plans from LongevityMed? Contact us today and schedule an appointment for a free weight loss consultation.