Men have only one reproductive hormone to think about—testosterone. Women have two, including estrogen and progesterone. Both are crucial for healthy female sexuality, as well as a number of other important physical functions. As women get older, their natural hormone production can drop off, leaving them with hormone imbalances and deficits. This, in turn, can lead to a number of unwanted side effects, including sexual dysfunction. At LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC, we can help women hold on to their youthful vitality and to robust sexual health. Progesterone therapy is one way in which women can seek the highest quality of life.

Why Progesterone Therapy?

Many women assume that estrogen is their most vital hormone, but actually, estrogen and progesterone are partners; where one is working, the other is working, too. What this means is that progesterone plays an important role in shoring up the health of the skin, breasts, uterus, and more.

A drop-off in progesterone production can lead to some unwanted effects, and have a negative impact on libido, overall energy level, and more. Progesterone therapy can not only help women avoid these ill effects, but it can also significantly reduce some of the effects of menopause as well as perimenopause.

Benefits of Progesterone Therapy

Some specific benefits of progesterone therapy include:

  • Progesterone therapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of uterine cancer.
  • Progesterone can sometimes help to minimize the severity of monthly periods.
  • Progesterone may have a number of other positive effects, as well, including boosting sexual appetite, energy level, physical strength, and overall mood.

It is important to note that progesterone therapy is only for women who still have their uterus and have not yet been through menopause. Women who have had a hysterectomy or are post-menopausal do not need progesterone, and in fact, taking it can come with some potential dangers.

HRT Treatments at LongevityMed

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an important, all-natural way for women to preserve their youthful vigor and robust health. It’s one aspect of LongevityMed’s approach to wellness medicine.

The process begins when you join us in our Raleigh, NC location. We’ll talk with you in a relaxed and confidential location, where we’ll take a basic medical history and ask if we can run some lab work. This helps us identify your specific hormone levels and identify any deficits or imbalances.

HRT treatments can be administered in our office, in pellet form, or else self-administered via home injections.

Progesterone Therapy at LongevityMed

Since 1992, LongevityMed has been a leading name in wellness medicine, providing whole-body solutions for men and women in Raleigh and beyond. We have a level of clinical expertise that is unmatched, and we are committed to holistic health for all of our patients.

Additionally, we understand that no two patients are exactly alike, and they come to use with wide-ranging needs and concerns. Nothing we do comes out of a book, but rather we tailor all of our solutions to meet the needs of the patient. We are committed to bioidentical replacement hormones of the highest quality.

Discover the Benefits of Progesterone Therapy

Progesterone is one of the most important reproductive hormones in a woman’s body, yet as women age, their progesterone production decreases. Hormone replacement therapy can provide a solution. Through progesterone therapy, women can regain a healthy balance of hormones, which can in turn help them regain youthful vitality and whole-body health. We are pleased to provide progesterone therapy here at LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC, and welcome you to contact us for an appointment. We’ll sit down with you to take a medical history, explain the benefits of HRT, and answer your questions. Schedule a free consultation with us at your next convenience.