Fasting can have a number of positive effects for the body. During the course of a fast, the body may release and burn stored fat; it may jumpstart metabolic functions, allowing for more productive fat breakdown in the future. For all of these positive effects, fasting can also be intimidating. For many men and women, the thought of abstaining from food for a prolonged period of time can seem impossible. Thankfully, a breakthrough concept called fasting mimicking diets can provide all the weight loss benefits of a true fast, while also curtailing hunger pangs. We are pleased to offer fasting mimicking diets at LongevityMed in Raleigh, NC.

About Fasting Mimicking Diets

The premise of a fasting mimicking diet is simple. It’s all about tricking the body into thinking that it’s fasting, while still allowing for some food intake.

At LongevityMed, we provide fasting mimicking diets from ProLon, a company that creates plant-based meal solutions to assist in medical weight loss. These meals have been carefully developed to provide a full range of bodily nutrients while still making the metabolic system think it’s in the middle of a fast. These meals are as filling and nutritious as food but are not recognized by the body as food; thus, they mimic the effects of a fast.

Fasting Mimicking Diets: What to Expect

Patients who begin one of these diets can anticipate a number of positive effects:

  • The ProLon system primes the body to transition into a fasting state, which in turn begins the process of cellular regeneration.
  • ProLon guides the body into a fat burning state.
  • Within a few days, most patients will reach a level of fat burning known as ketosis.
  • Over the course of three or four days, cellular rejuvenation will increase.
  • By the end of the fifth day, patients will have experienced high levels of fat burning and weight loss.

LongevityMed recommends the ProLon approach because it offers all the benefits of a sustained fast; yet, because it allows for filling meals, it’s much easier to stick with the program for the full five days, with minimal discomfort.

Our Approach to Weight Loss

Since 1992, LongevityMed has been one of the Raleigh, NC area’s leading providers of wellness medicine. During that time, we have helped countless men and women achieve medical weight loss results, allowing them to both look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

One important note about medical weight loss is that it’s totally individualized. We don’t offer cookbook solutions. Instead, we sit down with patients in complimentary one-on-one consultations, which allows us to get to know their genetic and medical histories and to tailor our weight loss recommendations accordingly. From there, we can recommend a number of potential solutions, including fasting mimicking diets, hormone supplements, nutritional supplements, and more.

LongevityMed is known for taking a whole-body approach. What this means is that we want our patients to enjoy full vitality and high quality of life, something that may encompass medically managed weight loss, improvements to sexual performance, and other forms of physical medicine.

Find Out More About Fasting Mimicking Diets

Looking for a medically managed, clinically sound way to lose weight? For many men and women, fasting mimicking diets hold the answer. These weight loss plans provide all the benefits of a sustained fast, yet still allow you to intake food. We are proud to recommend the ProLon diet plan at LongevityMed and can provide our patients with the meal products as well as the weight loss guidelines they need for maximum results. The first step is joining us in our Raleigh, NC office for a free consultation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.